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    i rewatched this scene because of this gif and i’ve come up with two conclusions:

    A. Merle was shaking his head at the Governor because at first he pointed the gun at Maggie. he…

    but merele doesn’t even know how rick and Daryl have bonded, Daryl didn’t even know rick until after merle got left so I don’t think its revenge cus Daryl didn’t even know merle was alive

    Well remember when Andrea told Merle that Rick and Daryl went back for him but he was already gone? The she said that the last time she saw the rest of them was 8 months ago before she got left behind. I think that really pissed Merle off to know that his brother was running around with the same man that hand cuffed him to a roof and made him chop his hand off. I’m just saying that if he really wanted to see Daryl all that bad he wouldn’t have taken Maggie and Glenn back to the Governor. I really think Daryl is going to have to kill Merle when it comes down to it. 

    ^ THANK YOU! I completely agree. 

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  2. KKO needs a new stylist asap. This is getting ridiculous.

  3. Guess my porn bloggers are out tonight, my dash is filled with it… lol I love you all!

  4. Who dances around their room in their underwear with their blinds pulled all the way. Not to mention she has windows all over her room. The fuck!?

  5. LMFAO! hearing “My Dick” by Mickey Avalon on American Dad and going “Oh lord baby jesus!”

  6. Showing My Grandma a Gif on Tumblr.

    Nana: Why do they got to keep doing the same fucking thing?
    Me: ................. SMH.
    Me: You'll never get me.

  7. Today, At a high school in VA, I saw Matt Hardy, Who I love! And my mom and grandma know I love him! it was a local wrestling show for St. Jude childrens hospital. My mom and grandma said “GO! This is a once in a lifetime experience to see Matt Hardy!” so I was like okay! Went up there, when it was my turn. I screamed in his face :/ he laughed then hugged me, making me scream even more. Needless to say he’s ALOT Shorter in person, Skinnier too. And he smells FANTASTIC! Now I’m going to sleep because I have the WORST headache right now from screaming.

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  9. hotandheavy-pumpkinpie:

This just happened.

lol, Poor girl.


    This just happened.

    lol, Poor girl.