1. Wisdom tooth extraction experience.

    Word for word(experience)

    I got to the Oral surgeon at about 10:50 and no one else was there so i didn’t have to wait but 2 or 3 minutes. I went back when the called me and the nurse weighed me. (46.1 kilograms) Then she took me in the operating room. The other nurse asked me a bunch of questions (My birthday, Who bought me, Why I was there) the other nurse put some strappy thing on my chest and then my doctor came in and asked me the same questions as above. He put this mask on my face. (I’m assuming it was laughing gas because I was laughing when nothing was funny) He told me it would help me relax. To be honest I didn’t like the feeling. i though I was dying. It’s extremely hard to explain the way it made me feel. I couldn’t even explain to my family. I’m gonna try anyways (It was like I was staring at the light on the ceiling I was awake but asleep. The doctors were talking to me but I couldn’t see them. When I responded to the questions they were asking I felt like my lips were not moving but I could sooooo here myself. I would move my fingers feel it but I couldn’t see it moving. I was numb. The doctor was about to put my IV in so he was talking me through it. I was already numb but I could feel a little prick. After the IV was in the doctors needed to do another X-Ray because they had lost my original one.  I got halfway down the hall when the found it so i had to turn around and get re-hooked up to the heart machine. The put sticky things on my wrists and my ankle. They put a heart pressure recorder thingy on left arm, the IV was in the right. I didn’t know he put the anesthesia in so he just kept talking. The weird thing was. I felt as if I was awake during the whole procedure. I could here and feel (not pain) the drill and the tugging and pulling to get them out. It was just weird. I was also feeling a hallucinogenic experience because I felt like I was in a room filled with neon lines that were blue, then the lines turned to blue neon circles, then the circles turned to orange squares and I was hearing and feeling everything (again, no pain) just the sound of the drill and the tugging sensation. the whole experience felt like it lasted about 1 minute. My family who were in the waiting room said I was back there for about half an hour. When I woke up, I literally had no idea what was going on until they made me get up and go to the car. In the car I wasn’t “Crazy” I was crying alot and trying to explain the above story to my family. They laughed the whole ride except my mom who was mainly trying to answer MY questions (Why I saw crazy shit, Where were we, Who am I, and Is this shit forever?) The numbness lasted for about 9 hours total. I couldn’t feel my tongue, chin or bottom lip at all. When we got home I passed the fuck out on the couch and I woke up still numb. I don’t like pain killers so I have refused to take them since we got them. I heard a lot of stories about extreme pain and so far I haven’t had any extreme pain, just a small aching feeling, and A stiff jaw. I’ve taken 1 ibuprofen’s and It helped a lot. I’ve eaten Spaghettios, Ice cream, pudding, oodles and noodles, and  A Real Fruit Smoothie from Mc’D’s. the real fruit smoothie was the best thing ever on my wisdom teeth area, It wasn’t too cold either so it was perfect. I’d recommend that and pudding because they are both filling. I haven’t had any pain whatsoever in my upper wisdom teeth area (knock-on-wood) I haven’t had any pain there I even asked my mom twice “Are you sure they took out my top ones too?” Since it’s about 11 o’clock I’m going to take a nighttime motirin to help me sleep and ease nighttime pain. I’m not to worried about blood clots coming out because I’ve kept myself extremely hydrated. I also have a tongue ring and that was huge worry to me. He said I could leave it in if I wanted too, I’ve had it pierced for about 3 and a half years so I wasn’t really worried about it. I still have bleeding and it is sore but I am still sticking to the ‘unmedicated-unless-needed’ plan. I have a follow up with my surgeon soon. Also I’m not really sure if I got stitches that dissolve or not because they never said (And if they did I don’t remember) I think I can feel a little bit of my stitches in my mouth, I’m not sure. If you guys have any questions just ask.